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Give your customers the best shopping experience in 2019?

Ecommerce is all about stealth and technology today. But there are also the other things that matter. Here's a quick look at what your ecommerce store must measure up to in 2019.

How you portray yourself matters

As a very important first step, sit down and ask yourself “Who am I creating this store for”?

Once you have that pinned down, you will be in a good place to decide how you want to present yourself.

So if you are a baby store, you would in all possibility be talking to young parents born in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Make a website that appeals to them. Ensure that the visual and shopping experience are top notch. The visual experience would include your website architecture, the colours you use and the style you write in, the detailing of the product etc.

Make sure everything is enticing the shopper to close the deal.

Ensure a seamless shopping experience

While you take care of the visual presentation, what is also important is the shopping experience.

Visitors should be able to find what they want easily. Ensure that the moment they enter they know what to do and where to go.

It pays to keep your most engaging products upfront. A powerful in-site search functionality will do wonders too. Keep in mind that most shoppers know what they are looking for.

Ensure that your website loads in less than 2-3 seconds to keep the experience seamless.

Cut down on unwanted information, images, buttons, links, and pages. Revise product categories, improve suggestions and make the check-out process simple.

Never compromise on your standards

What applies offline, applies online even more. This is an extension of the first point on how you portray yourself.

Clearly define the standards you would adhere to: if you promise to honour returns within a stipulated period, make sure you have your systems in place to do so. In fact a great “returns” experience only enhances your brand in the eyes of your customer – who would then possibly even advocate your brand.

Having a great logistics partner – who honours commitments and consistently delivers great service – is another factor you must consider.

Be in your best sales man mode always

This might sound like a stretch but it really is about enabling all tools and functionalities that can close a sale quickly.

As is most often the case, customers will have many doubts that they would want addressed clearly before they click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Instead of letting them navigate away from buying, be there, and tell them why they should buy the product.

Feature photographs of products in various angles. Add product videos that clearly explain it’s functioning, install live-chat features, include return/exchange policies, and feature product reviews.

This way customers won’t feel insecure about selecting the wrong product.

Enable and engage visitors

Enable your website to offer discounts, comparisons, get feedback, share reviews etc. People today look for options to try and check if they really want to buy a product.

Your customers also need to know what you offer. You can do this via advertising and social media. Email campaigns are also a great way to engage with customers.

Magento 2 provides powerful email marketing extensions to help you conduct targeted email campaigns.

Mobile commerce cannot be ignored

Being available on all screens is the norm today. You won’t know which device your potential customers use. So make your online store available on all devices, especially mobile ones as they are the primary drivers of ecommerce growth.

Once you have taken care of these pointers, you’ll have a store that will delight customers. If you would rather have all of this looked into by an expert, you can reach out to one right away.

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