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10 Must-Have Magento Extensions for Your eCommerce Store – Including 7 Free Ones!


If you are looking to power up your Magento eCommerce store, Magento extensions are just what you need. This is because Magento extensions allow you to add custom features and functionality to every area of your Magento store.

This includes powering up your eCommerce store’s front end and back end. And also integrating your store with web services, marketing tools, themes and much more.

Secondly, since Magento extensions are developed via a network of Magento partners, you get the flexibility and power to maintain your store the way you want to with extensions that meet your specific needs.


No programming skills needed

The Magento community is an enterprising and on-the-go community that provides you with a great variety of free and paid modules.

All you have to do is download these modules from the Magento Marketplace or from 3rd party developers’ websites.

Most importantly, these extensions allow you to solve many tasks without the need of programming skills. This is why Magento extensions are very popular with one and all.

So here is a list of must-have extensions that improve your store’s user experience, helps generate traffic, adds more customer engagement, provides detailed analytics and reports and much more.


7 Free Magento Extensions

1. Social Login

Integrating your Magento customer account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is simple with the Magento 2 Social Login extension.

This is a great way to stay hands-on and on top of things with your customers, all in one place.

Firstly, with Social Login, you can give your customers an improved user experience and save them time with a hassle-free login.

What this means is that Social Login will help your customers skip the lengthy registration process followed by verification. Therefore your store more nimble and user-friendly, which is just what you want.

Secondly, you can benefit by converting guests into legitimate customers, in the easiest way. This will also help you gain easier access to more accurate data from trusted social networks.

Most importantly, you can add more value to your store via personalized promotions. You can also protect your website from hackers with the Social Login anti-bot solution.

Download now


2. Search Autocomplete

How can you facilitate a dialogue between your store and your customer? The answer is ‘autocomplete search’ that enables as-you-type suggestions. This is a great user experience for your customers.

In other words, Search Autocomplete predicts customer’s queries based on the characters they enter. As a result, your visitors / customers save time navigating a lengthy catalogue.

In contrast, they can quickly get to the results they want and even make purchases right from the search results pop-up.

Also, with Search Autocomplete, you can easily find out what your customers are looking for, along with the keywords they use, so you can spend your energies on marketing those products to potentials.

Download now


3. Ecommerce UA GTM Tracking

With this Magento 2 extension, what you get is enhanced eCommerce tracking. As a result, you can start gathering valuable data and take data-driven decisions to improve your business.

This extension comes with pre-defined configurations and is easy to install.

Track product clicks by position in the Search Result Page, coupon usage, internal promotion impressions and clicks.

You can also track your stock status, product review score, product review count, number of times a product was added to wish list and more.

Download now


4. MatrixRate

This is a very popular store management extension for the fact that it enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations.

With MatrixRate you can set shipping rates according to a destination, shipping method and the weight, price or quantity of an item.

The best part is that you can configure all of these using just a single CSV file.

Download now


5. Cron Scheduler

With this extension for store management and reporting, you can schedule, kill and delete any Cron job function.

In a nut shell, Cron Scheduler will help you track Cron jobs, enable or disable jobs with a click and view the longest running Cron job right on your Magento Dashboard.

For instance, you can easily view the actual load placed on the system by Cron jobs using parameters like CPU, memory and system usage.

The best part is that Cron Scheduler provides an aesthetic timeline feature. This graphical view of each Cron job is a much-loved feature of this extension. This helps you manage Cron jobs from the back end easily.

Furthermore, this resourceful extension notifies you via email on fatal errors encountered while executing Cron jobs and also highlights any Cron that has not been executed.

Download now


6. Admin Activity

Another tool for easy store management and reports is Admin Activity. This tool helps you to easily track every admin activity like add, edit, delete, print, view, mass update etc.

Furthermore, failed attempts of admin login are recorded as well. With Admin Activity, you get access to the user’s login information and IP address.

You can also track page visit history of the admin and fields that have been changed from the backend and undo the modification/s.

Download from two sources here and here.


7. Enhanced SMTP

Messaging is both vital and mandatory in running your eCommerce business. It all comes down to the reliability of the email sending process which should be as stable as possible and without grey areas.

Magento-based store owners often struggle when it comes to sending transactional emails. The default email server of inherent hosting will be used to send unregistered emails from unauthorized senders.

These emails that are sent by default Magento 2, will probably end up in the spam box and remain unread by your customers. But help is at hand.

To avoid this problem, Enhanced SMTP lets you use any third-party SMTP server for your store and configure all the necessary settings. This will give your email marketing efforts more muscle – with higher chances delivery direct to your customers.

As added advantages, you get a log of every email sent by your Magento store, get to view previews of sent emails and test credentials by sending test emails.

You can download it here and here.


3 Paid Magento Extensions

1. Improved Layered Navigation

Equip your website with a highly flexible vertical and horizontal navigation menu. This Magento 2 product and price filter toolbox lets your customer’s filter products by attribute of any kind.

It also allows them to use custom price sliders and ‘from-to’ widgets.

Add pages for brands with stunning logos and detailed information and optimize your store for search engines.

Take advantage of AJAX technology to update filter results without page reloads. Customers can easily continue selecting search filter options while your website update layer after layer giving your customer seamless shopping experience.

The extension also generates SEO-friendly URLs and brand pages and is fully optimized for mobile.

Download now


2. Special Promotions Pro

This extension helps you to create discounts with clever conditions. Firstly, it helps create promotions based on customers’ info and purchase history. It also uses 20 actions to ensure that your promotions are unique.

In effect, Special Promotions Pro gives you the control of your promotions.

A key feature is the ability to create individual promotions that are highly specific and accurate. This is a great loyalty building feature.

You can even use customer’s attributes as rule conditions and limit promotions based on customers’ order history.

Above all, it allows you to select the base price for discount calculation and restrict promotions for products with special prices.

Download now


3. Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2

Product search is one of the most powerful tools for your online store. If your search quickly delivers relevant results, your customers can find and buy the products of their interest.

In other words, smarter and faster product search will help you increase sales!

Elastic Search Ultimate extension provides an incredible search experience. Firstly, the search function returns relevant results within milliseconds.

This is vital as it will increase your store conversion rate by being responsive to customer likes and expectations.

This is made possible by the Elasticsearch engine which is one of the world’s leading engines. It is a free open source product designed to offer horizontal scalability, maximum reliability and easy management.

Most noteworthy is the fact that it can fulfil the most sophisticated requirements of modern online stores.

As a result, you get superior speed, great quality of search results and super-fast search using autocomplete.

You also get automatic correction of typing errors during search along with search across multiple content types. All of this will result in a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Download now


These are the 10 must-have Magento extensions for your eCommerce store. Each brings with it functionalities that enhance your store and therefore make shopping a great experience for your customers. They are easy to install and operate.

However, if you are looking for help to integrate these extensions on to your Magento store, you only have to shout out to us.


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